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Several of the papers were not first presented to our Colloquium but they are the work of friends and scholars who have contributed to our discussions along similar lines. And we are also grateful to C.

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With these few exceptions, the fifth volume presents work which was partially supported by a grant from the U. National Science Foundation to Boston University.

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Such support will conclude with the fourth volume of philosophical studies of psychology, the social sciences, history, and the inter-relationships of the sciences with ethics and metaphysics. Unimportant circumstances made it necessary to publish that fourth volume after this fifth volume, and perhaps this will mildly suggest that neither science nor the philosophy of science needs to be constrained by orthodoxy of procedure. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Since Cartesian sciences played such an important role in the development of classical physics, Spinoza's criticism needs to be analyzed carefully. This is done by Andr6 Lecrivain in his lucid paper "Spinoza and Cartesian Mechanics," which gives an exposition of those themes of the mechanistic conception to which Spinoza devoted special attention.

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Spinoza's views about the problem of methodology are dealt with in Part 2 in Alexandre Matheron's study of Spinoza and Euclidean arithmetic, in which he investigates Spinoza's example of the fourth proportional, his aim being to show that this example is neither trivial nor ill-chosen but perfectly germane David Savan analyzes Spinoza's empirical methodology, elaborating the thesis that on the ground of his deductive system Spinoza is a rationalist, but that at the same time he is convinced of the importance of experience and experiment.

As a working scientist Spinoza was, according to Savan, very accurate, giving close attention to empirical details. To these aspects attention is given in Part 3, in which Joseph Agassi presents Spinoza as the leading contributor to classical political theory. Agassi contests the traditional view of physics as the true and leading pioneer science: certainly the revolution in physics was related to the one in politics, but, as Agassi emphasizes, the revolution in politics was much more profound, both in its depth and in the effects it had on our outlook in life He also touches upon Spinoza's Bible criticism, an issue taken up in Richard H.

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Popkin's stimulating contribution, which illustrates how Spinoza's critical statements in the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus are comparable to the Bible critiques of Christian contemporaries, such as the Quaker Samuel Fisher and the Dutch Collegiant and Hebraist Adam Boreel, as well to the views of Rabbi Nathan Shapira. Whether or not these three men were personally acquainted with Spinoza and thus would have greatly influenced him, the similarities between their views and Spinoza's ideas are indeed striking and, as Popkin suggests, further research may lead to the view that Spinoza's biblical criticism represents "a distillation of some of the radical views Access options available:.

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Popular Features. New Releases. Description Prefatory Explanation It must be remarked at once that I am 'editor' of this volume only in that I had the honor of presiding at the symposium on Spinoza and the Sciences at which a number of these papers were presented exceptions are those by Hans Jonas, Richard Popkin, Joe VanZandt and our four European contributors , in that I have given some editorial advice on details of some of the papers, including translations, and finally, in that my name appears on the cover.

The choice of speakers, and of addi- tional contributors, is entirely due to Robert Cohen and Debra Nails; and nearly all the burden of readying the manuscript for the press has been borne by the latter.