See You Down the Trail - Come Backpacking with Me on My Thru-Hike Down the Appalachian Trail

How Much Does it Cost to Hike the Appalachian Trail?
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Each has a common area and one or more separate bunk rooms. Many hikers like to bring a light sheet, sleep sack or sleeping bag as well. In the shoulder months, a warm sleeping bag is essential.

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Neither showers nor towels are available. Fresh baked bread, other snacks, tea and coffee are self-serve at the hut. There are also plenty of board games and books if you find yourself with some time on your hands. A hearty dinner is served at 6 p. After dinner the croo offers educational talks on subjects ranging from alpine vegetation and boreal forests to the hydroelectric system used at one of the huts.

Bedtime comes early with quiet hours and lights out from p.

A goofy skit instructing guests in basic Leave No Trace principles, proper hut etiquette and cleanup follows. The 10 essentials , are just that, but the club also lists a more comprehensive list of gear you will want to be comfortable during your trip. If you are already a seasoned hiker, chances are you never leave home without it. CASH Snacks, hot soup and small gear items can all be purchased for cash in any of the huts. The hut croos also accept cash tips.

HEADLAMP A headlamp is essential for functioning in the hut at night, not to mention staying out of trouble should you find yourself hiking after dark. Log In. Supported by.

Going It Alone

Madison Spring Hut. Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. Lakes of the Clouds Hut. Mizpah Spring Hut. Zealand Falls Hut.

Carter Notch Hut. Galehead Hut. Greenleaf Hut. Appalachian Trail. Lonesome Lake Hut. Pemigewasset Wilderness. Planning your trip The A. Getting there The A.

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At the huts After a long day on the trail, the warm light of a high mountain hut are a welcome sight. What to pack The A.

The truth, in this case, is that the trail really is that simple if you own the one special thing that all successful thru-hikers own: Stubbornness. Real, irrational, neurotic stubbornness. The kind of stubbornness that pushes your legs through miles of ankle-deep mud and clouds of mosquitoes while battling atomic levels of chaffing during those long, humid summer days just so you can pass out in a musty, rat infested shelter and wake up in the morning with a smile on your face because you get to do it again and again and again and again.

It can help, though. An optimal mixture of lightweight, properly fitting gear will give you one less thing to worry about and will decrease your likelihood of injury.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail | Hiking Tips

As you read through my gear list, keep in mind that the items below worked for me and, as you will discover during your hike, often changed due to weather, malfunction, availability, and mood. Think of this as a reference point rather than a directive. Acquiring gear is a real milestone and a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully this list will help you get closer to accomplishing your dream of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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Good luck! Can also be used as a seat on rocks or wet ground. Switched to RidgeRest after X-Frame developed leaks. Switched to Salomons because low breathability and slow drying time caused foot issues. Held up for last miles to Katahdin. Some used picaridin with success.

What to Expect on an AT Thru-Hike

Supported by. Whether you have an afternoon or a couple weeks to delight in a wild journey, there are many paths for you to explore. In the south, the forest is dominated by hardwoods, including oak and tulip trees , also known as yellow poplar. But, rocks, rocks, rocks. In addition to official shelters, many people offer their homes, places of business, or inns to accommodate AT hikers.

I suggest selecting books with no connection to hiking the Appalachian Trail. There will be plenty of times you will look forward to escaping the wilderness through the pages of a book.

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I saw other hikers using E-readers as well. Make yourself write an entry every night. You will be glad you did one day. Walking everyday for hours at a time gets pretty boring. Music adds tempo and variety to your hike. Rarely used. However, there were times when the sun was unbearable. Others jammed stuffed animals into the outer pockets of their packs as co-pilots. The longer you hike, the more you become aware of your new identity as a filthy thru-hiker.