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River Lady
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I took my mother and daughter on the historical lunch cruise. We had a wonderful time! The tour was interesting, the food and service aboard were excellent. River Lady Cruises - 1 Robbins Pkwy, Toms River, New Jersey - Rated based on Reviews "My fiance & I took a ride on the River Lady in Toms.

If I do, the snapper will make short work of me. This time last year I had fuzzy little ducklings running around the yard. This year?

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Oh, sure, Shannon and St. Not only are Shannon and St. John here, but I think every gosh darn duck on the river are too. But no ducklings! They just relocate from the grass into the water, and come back as soon as the hawk flies away, with or without its lunch. Sorry for the grainy image, the picture was taken through a window screen. The gardens are coming to life…. And … wait for it, drumroll, please … I reached a subscribers on my YouTube channel. I thank you for reading my humble post, and following my little blog. You are following my blog, right? Yesterday, my white rabbit, Stew, aka Hazel, but mostly Stew, died in my arms while we were at the vet.

Chris and I took her the vet and while I was waiting she died in my arms. A little background on Stew. On October 6, , a friend and I found a cardboard box in the marsh along Elsie Ave. Inside was a frightened white rabbit missing a toe. Hazel, when we found her, which I thought was a him. Sparky was alive when I found Stew and they got to know each other rather quickly. On October 30, , Stew helped me build her pen which I kept in my office.

She had the run of the house back then and learned to use his litter box rather quickly. She was a good little bunny. This is how the name and gender thing happened. Chris thought the name Hazel was a bit odd, and pointed out a better name would be Stew, since Hazel is a rabbit and rabbit stew is delicious. Thus, Hazel became Stew. In January, , I had a hysterectomy, and Stew went in to be snipped.

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Surprise, surprise, he had no penis but two, well-developed ovaries. Can you say Stewina? Things have been rocking along since Isabella arrived. Stew loved the company. I eventually built them an indoor run down in the basement and a second run outside for the summer months. They had a ball and every time I visited them Stew would hop over to me and cuddle.

He loved to have the space between his ears scratched.

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The heroine was so naive, really one of the most unlikable characters I have read about in a long time. Whether with loved ones, family or friends, enjoy the amazing sights and experiences Stanford river has to offer Ice and glasses provided so be sure to pack some light drinks and snacks for your Stanford river cruise! Certainly not one of her best. Sunrise Cruise From 8am - 10am Exclusive use only. Posted on October 4, by tinthia.

He was a sweet little bunny. But now Stew is gone and Isabella is alone. I hope your soul is hopping around in the green fields of Summerland, Stew.

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I wish I could take you by the hand and show you the magic of my world in real time. But, alas, I can only share my world with you through the lens of my camera. Come along with me, will you, the best is yet to be. As in the past, the male is elusive and damn hard to capture with my camera. However, I know how to entice the female Baltimore Oriole to pose for me. I sprinkle fine strands of string throughout the yard, and she comes and gathers them for her nest, stopping to thank me along the way.

Female Baltimore Oriole with a strand of string. Now for my Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks. Truth, I have two males spending time at my sunflower feeder.


They first arrived while I was suffering through a nasty bout of the flu a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw them outside my bedroom window, but, nope, two males for twice the beauty. Sure, the male got the scarlet red chest, and the classic black and white feathers, but the female of the species has some fine markings all her own.

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Plus, she has golden chest feathers. Bravo, Mother Nature. This past Saturday, after I finished a long day working in the gardens, Harlee and I spent some time relaxing. We sat and watched four Tree Swallows perform their courting flights. Although, they did stop and rest at the top of one of my oak trees, and I was able to capture a few nice shots even if I was underneath them.

Shannon and St. John are still making their daily visits. John keeps a watchful eye while Shannon relaxes or eats. John on. The Great-blue Heron strolled through my yard last week. Great-blue Heron taking a walk through one of my gardens. I hope you enjoyed this little visit, I know I loved having the company.


Thank you. Welcome to May. The position on the wheel of the year that marks the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

A time to frolic like a randy squirrel. Day 4: A female Goldeneye, a type of diving duck, spent some time demonstrating her diving abilities. Day 6: I met Shannon and St. John, the breeding pair of Mallards who chose my yard as their nesting territory.

Day 7: While I worked in my gardens, Shannon would come up to me and quack softly for her afternoon feeding. Day The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds arrived in Massachusetts. Day I finished adding mulch to both enlarged gardens. Day The river rose from the continued rain and flooded my side yard.

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John loved that they had a private pond to swim in. Day Harlee and I took a nap that lasted the entire afternoon. Day My YouTube channel reached subscribers. Have you subscribed? Get your feeders up NOW! Remember, four parts water to one part granulated sugar. No need to buy fancy nectar when good old sugar will do. Heat the water first, it helps to dissolve the sugar completely. Our party aboard the authentic paddle steam boat was incredible.

At one point while dancing with my wife she looked into my eyes and said she was having the greatest time. That in and of itself was priceless. The whole experience was almost ruined because 6 of my senior guests were about 3 minutes late for the boat. Just as we were about to launch they showed up and while I know that Captain Lance was under no obligation to wait he graciously allowed them time to get on the boat.

May God bless you. We are planning to book another larger party aboard the Riverlady next year. Ps the DJ was awesome! The dinner was delicious and the service was excellent. Our group of 20 ranged in age from 16 to My twenty-five year old daughter said it was one of the best parties ever!

The frozen drinks were awesome. Dear Captain Chambeau and crew, just want to say thank you for a wonderful evening on the beautiful River Lady. Our family enjoyed the delicious dinner, the beautiful weather, plus the amazing sunset while cruising the river. We will definitely return again for another enjoyable evening. I just wanted to thank you and your crew for a very memorable 75th birthday party for my mother.

Many of our guest were thoroughly enchanted with our luncheon and tour of Toms River that they are planning a future trip with their own families.