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Rodgers spent several years touring with Liza Minnelli as a featured singer, dancer, and pianist and continues to tour the world presenting concerts and cabarets. He plays with several local bands and maintains a teaching practice. Drummer JIM RYAN has been playing regionally for decades, appears regularly with big bands and smaller combos, and maintains a private drum instruction studio. To reserve tickets, call or visit staging.

For group sales, contact Stephanie at , ex. Musical MainStage celebrates the holidays with that mellow fellow, singer-songwriter John Denver. Our talented singers and musicians will cover both his Christmas tunes and his classic hits. Meet the cast:. As always, Susan Loveridge and Bob Hirschi will offer the play-by-play. We are considering adding a performance on Sunday, December 2nd at or Monday, December 3 at If you are interested in attending one of these shows if added, please call our box office ASAP at Each of its themed concerts offers one promising high school student an opportunity to work alongside professional singers and musicians.

Performances are on Monday and Tuesday, October 22 nd and 23rd. For more information about the production or tickets, you can visit staging. The Moss Hart and George S. Erickson sets the tone for this wacky show, with his Whiteside character dominating just about every scene to great comic effect.

Whiteside turns the household of the Stanleys, fans of Whiteside who was arriving for dinner when he fell, upside-down as he orders everyone around. He invites a myriad of zany pals into the house, which provides a number of amusing scenes. Stanley Rebecca Janny is delighted to have the demanding celebrity staying in her home, while her husband Thomas Van Gilder resents his family being treated like unwelcome boarders. You have the touch of a sex-starved cobra. Bradley is the greatest living argument for mercy killing.

But when Bert, a handsome local newspaperman, insinuates himself into the household to interview her boss, she is smitten. Along the way, Whiteside manages to recklessly advise the Stanley children Emma Losey and Declan Swayne ; receive a whole passel of gifts, including cockroaches, penguins and a sarcophagus; and order the Stanleys around, telling them the phone and several rooms are for his use only. This cast of 22 pulls off the comedy nicely, but Erickson and his onstage compadres are in a class by themselves.

Corey Klein as Professor Metz starts the parade of Whiteside visitors, bearing a gift of a tank full of cockroaches. Owens is marvelous in his depiction, with his theatrical terms of endearment and flourishes. Tranberg does a good job as Maggie, verbally dueling with her irascible boss and usually not losing the battle.

Playing her love interest, Bert, Matt Zembrowski is sincere and likable, a calming influence in the stormy household. Other characters were generally well done on opening night. Leslie Johnson as Mr. With Lorraine in the living room, a crew member sets up and is obviously taken by the lovely actress, pausing a couple times to drink her in with his eyes as he leaves.

The silent scene fell flat with the opening night crowd and created an unneeded break in the flow of the comedy. Scenic designer Matthew Carr has created a handsome set, befitting a family of means, and doors to a number of areas that serve the show well. Over people attended the event which included pre-show appetizers and wine, the volunteer recognition presentation, and the post-show party which featured great food, fabulous desserts, dancing, and the opportunity to mingle with old and new friends.

A big thank you must be extend to Jennifer Allen and Nikki Lueck and their entire committee for creating this celebration. Supporting Actress in a Play recipient Donna J. The show will trace the careers of several popular female singers who have risen from their humble beginnings to the heights of international stardom.

Evenson spent many years appearing in New York jazz clubs and regional theatres. Both Olson and Ryan have been featured in SideNotes Cabarets and Musical MainStage concerts, and often appear with other groups in clubs and venues throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Call or click HERE for tickets. The similarities are due to the fact that Marc Camoletti wrote both shows. Time and again the characters must utter a whole series of misunderstandings to cover up for themselves or someone else. The story is set in in a country home — actually quite a tastefully renovated farmhouse — outside of Paris.

Married couple Bernard Keith R. Smith and Jacqueline Lori Nappe are preparing for Jacqueline to spend the weekend away with her mother. Meanwhile, Bernard has invited his mistress Suzanne Allison Chicorel , while his wife is gone, and arranged for Suzette Ella Folkerts from an agency to cook a romantic meal. The plan looks like a good one for Bernard, until Jacqueline learns that Robert — who ironically happens to be her secret lover — is spending the weekend with Bernard.

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So, Jacqueline cancels her weekend with her mother in order to reunite with Robert. And so on and so on. Director Pocaro has the players in a near constant state of motion, taking on all sorts of poses all over the couch and all over the room. Their movements are purposeful as they strut and run around the ample living room, ramble up and down the stairs, saunter into the kitchen or off to bedrooms that were once a cow stall and a piggery, stop frequently at the bar for libations and cower at accusations. The two are perfectly cast and easily handle all the tricky dialogue and physical comedy.

Peters is perfect as Robert — expressive, but not so much as to look cartoonish. At one point his adept retelling of a laundry list of lies elicited applause from the audience.

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Smith and Nappe as Bernard and Jacqueline are also quite adept. Nick Korneski and Matthew Carr designed a good-looking, wide open stage, adding stone accents for the farmhouse feel and allowing performers lots of room to roam and romp. And they needed every inch of it.

This past summer, Ms. Spice has performed many solo cabaret shows at venues such as The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center, Skylight, and other civic and corporate events. Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Mr. A talented music director, singer, actor, pianist, and teacher, Mr. Wilson also contributes his many talents to the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, where he serves as Resident Artist. Explanation: only in an emptty house you can hear the wind whistle. In Dutch there is a saying "Boys who whistle, get a girl with fortune".

Other expression in NL: "To whistle after something", i. Bad luck. Explanation: the first 7 years you will not marry; or bad luck BG. One should not take the glass in the hand and then poor it. One should poor out of a bottle by turning the hand inside.

2. Throwing water

Never poor out a bottle over the rug of the hand in a glass. Explanation: the movement of the hands means wishing your death. Country: UA, BG. When you sit at the corner of the table you will never marry. Explanation: Girls who sit a the corner of the table, will not marry. One should never hand over a wedding ring directly to some else. At first one should put the ring at the table so the other person can pick it up. Similar to this, before the wedding no one should try the ring neither bride nor someone else.

Explanation: bad luck for the marriage, it will be broken soon after the wedding. It is not good to lit a sigaret in a candle. Explanation: a sailor will die. Or more general: someone will die. One should not blow out a candle. You have to do it with your hand.

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In BG a sailor dies, when you blow out a candle. Explanation: someone will die. Only when a person has died, you can blow out the candle. It is not good to give something to a person while standing on the threshold Explanation: Standing on the threshold, shows disrespect to a person who has died.

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In earlier days, it was a custom to bury a person who had died, under the threshold. One must not put bread upside down. Explanation: This will bring bad luck. If you travel you should not turn half way; even when you forget something. In case you want to, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and make a little grimace Country: UA, BY. If you stumble with your right leg, and your birthday is an odd day, or If you stumble with your left leg, and your birthday is an even day, this means luck.

If you stumble with your right leg, and your birthday is an even day, or If you stumble with your left leg, and your birthday is an odd day, this means bad luck. Then you have to give it away by touching someone, or something. Instead of day of birth, it can also be the day of stumbling Explanation: Country: BY. When your hand itches, this can mean different different things, depending on whether it is the left or the right hand. Explanation: BY: Right hand means that you will meet someone; you will give money away.