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Then a man named Urban reappears, centuries after he first left the system, now in command of a captured Chenzeme warship called Dragon. Wounds: Six Stories from the Border of Hell , by Nathan Ballingrud April 9, Saga Press—Paperback Nathan Ballingrud has made a name for himself as a writer of disturbing short fiction, and his second collection proves that reputation is well deserved. A 19th-century ship carries a crew to the borders of hell, where a terrible sacrifice is planned; in a modern-day bar in New Orleans, a lost cell phone us a portal to horrors beyond imagining.

Struggling against the demons that seek to control her from within, Nona prepares for a final battle that will determine not just her own fate, but the fate of a world.

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Loaded with wild worldbuilding and dangerous women, this trilogy-ender is a satisfying treat for dark fantasy readers. As Kira Sen leads a small but determined rebel group into a Praxis city, hoping to strike a blow for freedom, Cade is brought by his former mentor Percival to a mythical world in a search of dangerous knowledge that could prove to be his undoing.

Seven Blades in Black , by Sam Sykes April 9, Orbit—Paperback Sykes new Grave of Empires trilogy is built around Sal the Cacophony, a former mage and gunslinger hellbent on revenge against the 33 mages who tore her magic out of her. Arrested and waiting for execution for her crimes, Sal is given a chance to save herself with a confession, but the story she tells is more than just a list of crimes: she served in the Scar, a blasted wasteland caught between two vast empires, but now exists only to locate and kill the mages who betrayed and brutalized her.

Sal will cross any line to complete her quest, and Sykes seems to have a similar regard for the rules of epic fantasy in this go-for-broke blend of Kill Bill and Final Fantasy. Upon a Burning Throne , by Ashok K. The Burnt Empire exists in a world where demigods and demons walk the earth alongside humans.

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After the emperor dies, the empire is thrown into chaos, as two heirs each seek to prove their worthiness by sitting on the Burning Throne, whose deep magic destroys the unworthy. Both princes—Adri and Shvate—pass the test, but yet more chaos is unleashed when a third claimant appears: the daughter of the demonlord Jarsun.

When his offspring is denied her chance to prove her worthiness as well, Jarsun declares war, vowing to destroy the Burnt Empire in revenge. Adri and Shvate find themselves co-rulers of an empire roiled by sedition and stressed by invasion in this sprawling tale of conspiracies, battles, and demonic magic. As the novel opens, Los Angeles is literally burning with impossible fires. Which is always a dangerous thing when your day-to-day dealings include magic, the undead, and angry gods.

The Big Ship Energy is real: these deep space vessels are propelled by solar sails. Assisted by his petty officer and possible love interest Amelia Virtue, Blackwood is forced to act when his new his captain begins making questionable decisions and laying the grounds for a mutiny. It should go without saying that fans of Aubrey Martin and Temeraire will enjoy sailing acros the stars with the crew of the Daring.

Now that the oppressive Ospies have been removed from power, the regime that replaced them is seeking retribution from all who may have betrayed the city. This includes Cyril DePaul, who self-interestedly worked both sides of the conflict in an effort to save his own skin. His only remaining allies are a bitter ex-lover and his distant sister—and even in the wake of drastic change, Amberlough remains a dangerous, decadent place, awash in crime, deception, and—hopefully—a chance at redemption.

As the tidy, cheerful gnomes prepare for war against the well-armed, voracious Halflings, one gnome finds his life upended by a Halfling bomb. Offi Numminen stands apart from others of his kind, incrementally less cheerful, and favoring cardigans with a distinctly goth appeal, but he goes from outcast to last hope when he finds himself the leader of a band of misfits headed off on a journey to the Toot Towers to set the world right again. In the midst of this doubled-edged doubt, the Jedi are called to a distant planet to assist with a political dispute that quickly spirals into danger.

Angry and deeply traumatized, Dee seeks both to uncover who was responsible and to escape her suffering within an immersive game that applies real world physicality to a virtual setting. When she kills another player in-game and a man winds up dead in real life—a man with possible ties to the nuclear launch, no less—Dee becomes a suspect. Eddie hears a mysterious voice that orders him to run. The ability leads to a mysterious discovery when, at a dinner party, he recites extensive quotes from a bestselling book only he seems to remember—as far as everyone else from his wife to his local bookseller , the titular All My Colors.

Even after all his success, though, Todd is still the same man. The Unicorn Anthology , edited by Peter S. Their stories run the gamut from the gentle, to the horrific, to the surprisingly gritty and realistic. On an island off the coast of Scotland, a boy named Griz lives with his family and his dogs Jess and Jip, and rarely sees any signs of other humans. The original series involved con artist Sarah Manning discovering that she was one of a number of clones, created in an illegal human cloning experiment, and that there are people out to kill her and her Sestras.

The serial picks up eight year later, revealing the fate of the Sestras and their future conflicts.

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Time Thief Mass Market Paperbound. Dirty Magic Prospero's War 1 Paperback. Listen Shop Insiders. He is a tenth-degree black belt and the founder of the Shen Chuan martial art. Good thing a sequel is arriving in December.

Though the release date is in August, the series is now available for pre-order from Serial Box. The most recent releases include the "Disorder" series of short stories, designed to keep you awake at night, and the "Inventions" series, which explores the true stories from the age of innovation. After a hugely successful IndieGogo campaign, editors in chief Emily X. Magazine-like in its approach, this ongoing collection of short stories is focused on bringing marginalized voices to the forefront of YA lit.

Issues 0 through 7 have posted, with three stories each. Contributors include Dhonielle Clayton in Issue 0 , S. If you like your YA in bites, and if you're invested in reading under-represented voices, this is a site to follow. Miller, with music composed and performed by C. The music and prose are developed in tandem, so that they are intentionally intertwined.

This indie serial is available at its original website but has also been picked up by Serial Box, and will soon be available through their app. The story is of a town, Park Heights, where supernatural forces in a war of shadows converge. Caught in the chaos are town native Tess Bellamy and drifter Gabriel Majeaux. The series features an HBO-level of graphic content so it's not for young readers and bends genres and genre expectations.

If you're a fan of psychological horror, this unique music and prose blend might be right up your alley. Disaster after disaster have kept Japan from recovering, and their police are short handed and short supplied.

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But despite their hesitations, they solve a series of crimes that feature espionage, rebellion, and humanity at its worst, many of which revolve around the war. Chen, earned the series a renewal, so there will be more murders to solve in Season Two, now available for preorder. Read more about Ninth Step Station here. One of the reasons some readers may prefer a serial subscription to a paperback is that they can read bite-sized fiction discreetly on their phones. That's one of the goals of the Lady Victoria Howard web app, an erotic serial written for women, by women.

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Billed as the world's first serialized erotic novel, the web app has subscriptions available for the first three seasons 39 episodes. The story follows Lady Victoria Howard, sister to a modern duke, whose past heartbreak has led her to a sexual awakening, that allows her to explore her sensuality—and live her life to the fullest. A dance school is the unlikely setting for this social thriller, where a group of moms must team together to protect their daughters from a series of brutal attacks—all of which began when new dancer, Imogen, started attending the same dance academy.

But while Imogen may have dark secrets, the mothers aren't entirely innocent, either, and the deeper they get into the mystery, the more those secrets begin to come to life.

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This is a collection of urban fantasy short stories that the author of Khet Chronicles: Blood Ties released. They make for a great read and cover a wide range of. The Urban Fantasy Anthology [Peter S. Beagle, Joe R Lansdale] on mingcondensthou.ml . on orders over $ shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime The Urban Fantasy Anthology Paperback – August 15,

Ever wondered just what lies at the center of the Bermuda Triangle? When, after two hurricanes hit the area, ships and planes start disappearing when they enter the Triangle, a covert group travels there to investigate. A third hurricane shipwrecks the team on an uncharted island Among these are the stand-alone novellas of JY Yang's Tensorate series. The first two, published in 20 1 7, tell a technology-vs.

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The two children of the Protectorate, Mokoya and Akeha were sold into slavery as children. Mokoya can sense the future, while Akeha can see the mechanics of manipulation among the adults who govern their world. Akeha views the Machinist rebels against his mother's rule as a way to free the Protectorate from its rot. Mokoya becomes embroiled in a hunt for the deadly naga, but discovers that conspiracy lies beneath magic. A prequel to the other three, it reveals how the Protector became the power she once was. The story centers on soldier-for-hire Asala Sikou, who's more worried about taking care of number one than she is about the imminent death of her star system.

Hang tight for the season conclusion—this one had me sobbing at the end. High fantasy meets political intrigue in Born to the Blade, a series that has continued to ramp up the tension and raise the stakes in every episode. Created by Geekomancy and "Genrenauts" author Michael R.

Duelist-diplomats fight for the fate of not only the neutral Twaa-Fei islands, but the world. Filled with sky islands, magical martial arts, and a pair of ambitious young people ready to shake the world, Born to the Blade is geared to become a hit for the high fantasy crowd—but rumor has it there's no second season yet in the plans.

There's an app for that.

If you're like me and can't handle the cliff-hanger from season one, spread the word! A little more love could put a renewal in the works! Unfortunately, the marsh into which they must travel is populated by carnivorous trees—and human enemies who may be even more dangerous. While the first few chapters hint at the much larger world, the narrative never overwhelms, keeping the main quest story line at the forefront, and building the world in the background.

When a crack between dimensions lets something With a Lovecraftian creature driving people to madness, and nods to splatterpunk and slashers, the series promises to touch on favorite horror tropes and give plenty of night chills. The frame of reporters seeking the truth and finding something more than they bargained for is familiar because it's such a fun way to play with reality—and keep readers guessing about what, actually, is real.

That's one of the conceits behind Ray N.


Ryan West is a truth-seeker, but when his devotion to real journalism loses him his job, and his career, he becomes embroiled with the Experimental Science Institute, and a top secret experiment that may be more than he bargained for. College senior Macy Walker is obsessed with death, and in her on-air show, "Dead Air," she airs out the old case of horsewoman Peg Graham's murder. But though she starts reporting her own findings—and realizing that plenty of people would like Graham's case to stay buried.

The Urban Fantasy Anthology

Launching on August 1, , this investigative serial is paired with an original in-world podcast of Macy's show. Creator Gwenda Bond works with well-known YA authors Rachel Caine and Carrie Ryan to bring the college setting—and the murderous plot—to a new audience. Twenty three teenagers, all of whom died in the same minute, become the last hope for humanity when they awaken in a brand new world.

Here, there are robots that hunt humans, a dangerous jungle, and the ruins of an ancient civilization. For the teens--who might be the last people on the planet--to survive, they have to learn to work together. With the continued love for YA dystopian futures in longer, doorstopper fantasy titles, this is an entry into the genre that you can take in chunks.