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We need to chat! This is a lifesaver. I was getting triggered by my own nose whistling and it was giving me anxiety. I couldn't even find a doctor that could help me. I find that the white noise masks the nose whistling. I can finally get back to work. Holy cow. At home when I'm writing, I'm easily distracted by any tiny thing -- my fiancee's typing noises, the cat's meows, cars outside -- and this site helps me stay on task like nothing else.

Other uses too, but I'm out of characters! In sum: it's awesome!

Natural White Noise

I've tried the competitors and my prediction is that "mynoise. It is the best white noise generator I have found, and I use it daily. I can't work without it. At night I use it to drown out my husband's snoring.

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Noise is unwanted sound judged to be unpleasant, loud or disruptive to hearing. From a physics standpoint, noise is indistinguishable from sound, as both are. Noise definition is - loud, confused, or senseless shouting or outcry. How to use noise in a sentence.

This website is invaluable to me for how much it helps me cope with my anxiety and audio triggers. Thank you!! This is a soothing and effective tool. It helps me sleep when the old man is snoring. The High Treble slider, isolated here, has been the only thing that provides consistent relief from my high-pitch tinnitus.

I am trying to use it as a means of habituation.

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This is a truly amazing site! Thank you so much for this! Don't forget: you are looking into the void, and the is staring back. This service is amazing. It makes it bearable to work around loud phone conversations, and is the calming bit I need to get through the day. I use it every night. It distracts me from the ringing in my ears.

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It completely blocks out my husband's snoring. I use my headsets and listen to the sounds while reading. It's amazing to be able to adjust the sounds depending upon my nightly need. Thank you!!! If you work in an open space work area and if noises pierce your concentration to compose, think, compute, etc It is similar being on an airplane One was prescribed meds because his reaction to thunder storms is so intense. I wanted to avoid medicating him and found this white noise generator.

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Sometimes it's just the wind, sometimes it's people passing by. However, long or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 dBA can cause hearing loss. I am a musician living next to a busy street. I find this super calming. Use it for the modularity if nothing else. All good but step counter is not accurate as said. The blend helps ke to get in the zone.

It works like magic. Within a few seconds, he begins to settle down. In minutes, he's lying down fairly relaxed. I can't do anything without feeling extremely exhausted and overwhelmed. Thankfully, this has helped me be able to sit down and focus on one task at a time, rather than trying to accomplish 50 things at once. It hasn't cured my burnout, but I'm getting there. Secondly, my husband snores bad, and this, on headphones, drowns it out like a charm.

Nothing else works against it as efficiently. It's like having somebody massage your ears. Not that I'm into that. Staying focused is always hard for my ADD brain. This helps where medication doesn't. I no longer have to hear the depressing noises I make as I weep over my physics textbook!

And, it even blocks out the sound of my tears hitting the pages! Couldn't be happier. I'm eternally grateful!

STUDY POWER - Focus, Increase Concentration, Calm Your Mind - White Noise For Homework & School

It's the next best thing to silence. I find listening to ASMR helps as well. It also makes me feel safe and spiritual. I feel like I am beyond time and space and nobody can see me. My sister is having an argument in the next room and I can't hear a single shrill noise over this! I am no longer inundated by the constant noise in a poorly designed open workspace full of people all around me, where I can hear every sigh, every conversation, every keyboard, everyone's different music ect Especially love the speech blocker, it works great.

All my office mates are using it to work with more concentration! I should probably get back to I'm very grateful to have found this site. Thank you from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Or faint white noise. I can tune the levels of white noise to just the right amounts to completely block them out, to the point where I can barely hear them even if they are only a couple feet away with in-ear headphones. I like that I can play this in addition to my music to help block out conversation around me.

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Very well put together and thought out for the end user. I am a college student and my downstairs neighbor loves fast paced music with a loud bass. This music makes me anxious and I can't focus on my studies, but the brown noise really helps block it out. Great for working on homework or other tasks that require concentration. The white noise default settings are pretty good, but I would recommend the Speech Blocker setting, as it does exactly what it states. Well done and thank you! I am really appreciating all that you have posted on the internet. It is effortless to listen to this white noise and there are definitely changes in my brain.

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It's like guided meditation, it's baller. Or just in general. Unfortunately, I share space with loud coworkers.

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Normal white noise and even pink is too high pitch for me, and brown is too low, so I love using myNoise. When I animate my personal profile, I feel like I'm at the beach on a windy day rather than in a cubicle. Woohoo, surf's up! White noise has been a godsend and now I can go to sleep for long periods of time with no interruption.

However, when I used the speech blocker setting with noise canceling headphones, her voice instantly got drowned out and I could finally study in peace! This works like a charm.

Noise at work

This website has helped me bunker down and complete assignments without worrying about my surroundings so much. It sounds like you're on one of those massive Boeing planes on a long flight. I work in a busy customer service center that's built on an open office plan, which means I hear everyone around me, all the time, without even a cubicle wall to deaden the noise.

That preset keeps me from wanting to throttle my co-workers when I'm on email duty and need to concentrate. The noise was absolutely unbearable until I found this app! What a difference!

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When people are being annoying, I turn the levels up 2 notches and blast rock music in my headphones, and I can't hear a thing even if someone speaks right next to me. The calibration feature makes this the most comfortable and effective white noise generator I've used.

I found this specific noise set from someone else in the comments so if you find this response and you made the noise, Thanks, cause it's really helping me work. Finally found a setting that blocks out the high-pitched ringing that they make when they're running! The "speech blocker" preset has been enormously helpful with my studies, which often take place at the bar where I work. Thank you so much for your whole noise selection. Statistics and Research.

For Too Long! Clinical Trials. Article: Mapping sources of noise in an intensive care unit. Article: An overview of fish bioacoustics and the impacts of anthropogenic sounds Article: The effectiveness of noise interventions in the ICU.