It's the Hard Knock Life
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It's Hot Some Like it Hot. There's Been a Murder. Hova Song Outro.

Girl's Best Friend. Do You Believe Hova Interlude. Is That Yo Bh?

This Can't Be Life. Get Your Mind Right Mami. You, Me, Him and Her. Guilty Until Proven Innocent. Parking Lot Pimpin'. Soon You'll Understand. Where Have You Been.

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Heart of the City Ain't No Love. Blueprint Momma Loves Me. Breathe Easy Lyrical Exercise. Girls, Girls, Girls Remix. The Best of Both Worlds. Take You Home With Me a. Break Up to Make Up. What They Gonna Do.

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A Man at Thirteen book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers . Upcoming author Obama Christ's ten part epic of a child made to fend for. Upcoming author Obama Christ's ten part epic of a child made to fend for himself are both articulate and thought Hard Knock Life Series · 8 Ratings · published · 1 edition When he was thirteen years old he became a man.

All Around the World. Diamond is Forever. U Don't Know Remix.

2. You pause.

Some How Some Way. A Ballad for the Fallen Soldier. Excuse Me Miss Again. What More Can I Say. Dirt Off Your Shoulder. Public Service Announcement Interlude. She's Coming Home With Me. Feelin' You in Stereo. The Return Remix. Show Me What You Got. Hello Brooklyn 2. Roc Boys And the Winner Is.

American Gangster. What We Talkin' About. Death of Auto-Tune. Empire State of Mind. On to the Next One.

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No Church in the Wild. Welcome to the Jungle. Murder to Excellence. Illest Motherfucker Alive. You're Only a Customer. In My Lifetime Remix. Big Pimpin' Extended. This Life Forever. Can I Get A.. Tidy a place this was no a mess it is, now clean up we must later, now though over with V's info we shall get. And here I though MY hissy fits were bad. Shahrukh: What do you mean by that Shahrukh Grins madly at the sight before him Well my interest just busted up to about !

I recall hearing about these kids of trances but never really seen one real uses till you!

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V Rubs her head in thought Yeah, that's a part of myself I TRY to control, around my team but in combat with the enemy, why bother right? Ripping'em to pieces just turns into a catwalk now! Haci Slowly puts down the little cakes he was going to eat Ya, one that's thoroughly drenched in blood, after being thoroughly beaten down, bitten or ripped apart , and quickly outpaced for a short while!

Jul Now calmed down carefully looks over the notes as he checks off the last one for V Excellent, done we now with Them V.

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See More by Fatefulbrawl. Tattooed on the backs of all Hanayama males this tattoo is to honor the unknown man who saved who his family's bloodline took to calling Otokodachi, this'll be important later ; Likes: His mother, his gang, Baki, Shiba, Yuri, his superhuman strength, protecting those he cares for, picking fights with strong opponents even if he has to force them into it Dislikes: Being seen. Helpful Tips HeightIf you don't know how big your OC, just remember Tranformers are robots in disguise, giants you can say.

They all have between four and six eyes, with the first two along the midline of the face, and the second usually either right above or right below them, and any more are typically mutations that are counted as secondary eyes.

On either side of the head, they have four to six frond-like antenna, which capture vibrations and aid in their ability to hear low tones the primary way that the species communicates with eachothe. Featured in groups See All. Characters and Settings. I told you guys I wasn't done and I meant it! This time around we've two brawlers who've been through their kinds of Hell throughout their own early lives, but all that has just shaped them into the most badass people in their universes!

V: Demon cyborg of Ghost squad!

VS Shahrukh: Ultimate fighter of the Agarthian army! Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. FlareEmerald77 Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Fatefulbrawl Hobbyist General Artist. Jul Looks to her with an expectant look Pay you say? JustFr0sty Hobbyist General Artist.

It's a hard knock life: Object Terror Edition (2.000 subscriber special)

Awesome Now onto who's gonna win Idk It's probably a tie V can deal with a lot of attacks While Shahrukh has a bigger arsenal of weapons So idk. But what do you mean bigger arsenal? I mean he has more hexy weapons, but V edges in quantity just a bit. And walk the streets up in? And test my game? Until you have me, test my aim? Y'all niggaz nuts, like testricles Hit you up in your apartment buildin vestibule Perhaps it's best for you, to keep on walkin Heat from the noggin, keep on sparkin Platinum prezzie, Bezzie, stay sparklin Cop off the lot never see me at the auction Pint of Bacardi darken, when it's hawkin Out on the strip, until I reach the margin Not tryin to meet the Seargeant, at the precinct Eatin cheese sandwiches, down for the weekend Locked up with dirty white boys and Ricans.

Ruffryder you heard? We got the game mastered. I told you the pain was comin You wouldn't listen You tried to play me like a joke? Now who got the last laugh? Now take these bullets with you to hell.