Faith, Fallibility, and the Virtue of Anxiety: An Essay in Religion and Political Liberalism

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Julia Kristeva. Mind and Cosmos.

Thomas Nagel. Ahmed Rashid. Radical Democracy and Political Theology. Jeffrey Robbins.

Democracy and Sin: Doing Justice to Reinhold Niebuhr

A Brief History of the Crusades. Geoffrey Hindley.

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She also recommends that compositionists engage with the work of conservative theologians in order to develop a common language with religiously conservative students. Freire makes clear that he sees conscientization as thoroughly religious. Ringer, applying his analysis of Newbigin and Augustine, shows how his own classroom in a Christian university makes space for the questioning of faith based experience, and in doing so, much of the writing reflects the humble tone of knowing that seeks to know more: humble dogma. Ringer makes two complimentary—and, from some perspectives—contradictory arguments: that vernacular religious rhetors can invent ways to engage in public discourse while at the same time holding to the most robust expression of their faith. Cain, Jeffrey P. Let experience solve it.

The Righteous Mind. Jonathan Haidt. Fields of Blood. Karen Armstrong. The Hidden Geometry Of Life. Karen L. The Experience of God. David Bentley Hart. The Moral Landscape. Sam Harris. Pluralism and Diversity in Ireland. Michael MacGreil. Alison Gundy. Humanism: A Very Short Introduction.

Stephen Law.

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Not you? Forgotten password? Prior to joining Carnegie, Brechenmacher worked as a graduate researcher at the World Peace Foundation in Boston, and served as the co-investigator for a research project on corruption and state legitimacy in northern Uganda for the Institute for Human Security at Tufts University. She came from the George C. Foreign Area Officers.

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Kovalova is an expert in democratization and good governance, security sector reform in transition societies, nexus of crime, corruption, and terrorism, security organizations in Europe and Eurasia, and strategic environment and interactions in Central Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Kovalova was directly involved in higher education transformation in the postcommunist world through participation in the Yale University's Civic Education Project. She provided academic expertise for the European Commissions enlargement projects and participated in endeavors of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes USA-Germany Switzerland designed to assist with reforms in the field of political military education in transition states.

In Dr. Paul K. His current research interests include the study of territorial disputes as a cause of international conflict and war in the 20th century, the impact of international law on the resolution of international disputes, how political institutions in democratic and non-democratic systems affect the escalation and resolution of international disputes, and the wartime consequences of armed conflict for civilian populations in the 20th century--with a particular focus on the mass killing and forced migration of civilian populations.

Over her academic career, her research has focused on the intersection of social movements, government institutions, and democracy.

Blatrix has been widely publishe d in academic journals, conference proceedings, and books, and has taught hundreds of students over the years. Wayne Merry.


He is widely published and a frequent speaker on topics relating to Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus, the Balkans, European security and trans-Atlantic relations. In twenty-six years in the United States Foreign Service, he worked as a diplomat and political analyst specializing in Soviet and post-Soviet political issues, including six years at the American Embassy in Moscow, where he was in charge of political analysis on the breakup of the Soviet Union and the early years of post-Soviet Russia.

He was later a program director at the Atlantic Council of the United States. Army Russian Institute Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Donald M.

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Ferguson Prize competition of awarded by the Canadian Historical Association. It has been translated into French. His second monograph, France, Revolution and Counterrevolution, vol. A new version appeared in Professor Sutherland has also published twenty-seven articles, two of which won the Koren prize , , awarded by the Society for French Historical Studies for the best article in French history by an American or Canadian.

Liberalism in Faith or Morals is a Sin, but is Conservatism a Virtue?

He has given papers to scholarly conferences around the world, has been an editor of French Historical Studies, reviews manuscripts and books for leading journals and scholarly presses, and has made a number of TV and radio appearances where he was interviewed about his work. Jennifer Brinkerhoff. Jennifer M. She holds a Ph. She teaches courses on public service, international development policy and administration, development management, and organizational behavior.

She is particularly keen on encouraging people to pursue service careers, thoughtfully grounding their commitment to change in self-awareness and working in communities. To that end, she and her husband, Derick W.

Can Democracy Be an Agent of Both Power and Goodness?

Brinkerhoff has expertise on public-private partnership, governance, NGOs, development management, and diasporas. Her publications include seven books, as well as four co-edited journal issues and over fifty articles and book chapters on topics ranging from institutional reform, to evaluation; NGOs; failed states; governance; and diaspora identity, development contributions, citizenship, and policy.

Brinkerhoff consults for multilateral development banks, bilateral assistance agencies, NGOs, and foundations. Her applied work encompasses partnership, civil society, institutional development, development management, and training methodologies, and includes work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands; and in Africa, China, Mongolia, Central Asia, and Russia for the U. She has provided policy advice to the U.