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Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

Have you noticed that all your foundations are completely mired in madness? Do you not want to recognize your madness and welcome it in a friendly manner? You wanted to accept everything. So accept madness too. Let the light of your madness shine, and it will suddenly dawn on you.

Madness is not to be despised and not to be feared, but instead you should give it life If you want to find paths, you should also not spurn madness, since it makes up such a great part of your nature Be glad that you can recognize it, for you will thus avoid becoming its victim.

Madness is a special form of the spirit and clings to all teachings and philosophies, but even more to daily life, since life itself is full of craziness and at bottom utterly illogical.

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Man strives toward reason only so that he can make rules for himself. Life itself has no rules. That is its mystery and its unknown law. What you call knowledge is an attempt to impose something comprehensible on life. For when does a berry break upon the tongue as sweetly as when one longs to taste it, and when is the taste refracted into so many hues and savors of ripeness and earth, and when do our senses know any thing so utterly as when we lack it?

And here again is a foreshadowing -- the world will be made whole. For to wish for a hand on one's hair is all but to feel it.

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So whatever we may lose, very craving gives it back to us again. You must think that something is happening within you, and remember that life has not forgotten you; it holds you in its hand and will not let you fall. Why would you want to exclude from your life any uneasiness, any pain, any depression, since you don't know what work they are accomplishing within you?

Carl Jung called this his shadow work. He said we never see others. Instead we see only aspects of ourselves that fall over them. Our associations.

Every Shape, Every Shadow by Roger L. Conlee

The same way old painters would sit in a tiny dark room and trace the image of what stood outside a tiny window, in the bright sunlight. The camera obscura. Set stroke, fill, and drop shadow for objects Search. Adobe XD User Guide. Select an article: Select an article:. On this page Apply a fill color to an object Create strokes and specify stroke color Create a drop shadow Remove a fill, shadow, or stroke from an object.

Applies to: Adobe XD.

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Learn to set stroke, fill, and drop shadow for objects in Adobe XD. Apply a fill color to an object. Click the rectangle next to Fill.

The color picker. Clicking the key once would open the Fill eyedropper. You can also switch between the different color modes. Adjust the color using the color field and color slider.

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You can set the fill and the opacity of the fill by using the color slider or specifying a value in percentage. Use the Eyedropper tool to select a color from an artboard. You can also apply gradient fills to object.

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For more information on gradients, see Create and modify gradients. Add swatches. Apply image fill to objects.

Crop and place image fills. Image paste from clipboard. Create strokes and specify stroke color. Set the opacity of the border using the color slider or typing in a value in percentage. Edit the border size and create dotted lines Specify end caps Butt, Round, Projecting and joins Miter, Round, Bevel , and inner and outer strokes.

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By default, XD aligns the inner stroke in a closed path. Stroke styles. Create a drop shadow. You can also switch easily between the different color modes. Set the opacity of the shadow using the color slider or typing in a value in percentage. Specify the following options:. X offset and Y offset. Specifiy the distance you want the drop shadow to be offset from the object. Specifies the distance from the edge of the shadow where you want any blurring to occur.

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