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Kingmaker Ep. 27: Dukes & Dire Wolves
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Posted 18 February - PM.

How to beat the Dire Wolf?

Redshift2k5, on 01 June - PM, said:. Started by Koniving , May 31 PM. It seems I pretty much covered it on my own though and didn't see anything new to address I could make a mention on jumpjets under Page of Strategic Operations can have stored fuel in a liquid storage tank, with each ton of fuel being 40 fuel points which would be more than enough to allow 40 jumps for a single jumpjet, but that's splitting hairs. The other thing is what DropShips to use.

Leopard DropShips are likely due to the fact that they are in MWO, and thus a specific visual reference is already in people's minds when they read that a Leopard DropShip came in to drop off mechs.

How to beat the Dire Wolf? - Wasteland Zombie Survival Answers for iPhone - iPad (iOS)

But as every faction has its own distinct stuff, it stands to reason that DropShips more native to the factions might be used here. So a list of DropShips to factions would be awesome. These will include various targets varying from map to map. I'm hoping to include an area populated with a minor civilian presence, whether in an attempt to deal with local leadership or due to an operation having gone off course i.

Out of the 35 pilots I currently have, only 3 are elites and 13 are green. Double Blind will be used if possible; depends on whether or not signing into the game with a second but minimized connection as an observer can provide a detailed transcript in the end. Otherwise we'll be combining our transcripts.

But this can also be dangerous because lies are like cancer. The culture of lies is hard to contain.

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Because lies are usually far more useful than truth, people can easily become addicted to lies for opportunism, careerism, power-ism, and etc. Among children, telling lies comes naturally to them.

The truth not so much. He upsets too many people because truth is often upsetting whereas lies are feely-good. After all, all that stuff about miracles in Catholic tradition were feely-good lies.


Once a powerful Alpha, Pavel lost his eye -- and his pack. Can Maggy give him a reason to live again? Years ago, Pavel lost his eye, three members of his pack. Dire Wolves: Blind Spot - Kindle edition by Cynthia Sax. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

Any ruling system finds lies far more useful than the truth. The main worth of Journalism is that it goes against the human nature and animal nature to lie and deceive. Journalism is ideally repression of human nature in favor of revelation of truth. And this is a problem on all sides. Once the Neocons were allowed to get away WMD lies, their lies just got more and more ludicrous. More lies told to hide previous lies.

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And this culture of lies got egg on the faces of media too by going along with dubious reports about WMD. That is BS. It sure worked with the French who used it on Algerians. And as soon the French were out, the various factions of Algerians were using those same torture rooms to destroy one another.

How to beat the Dire Wolf?

Perhaps your shadow self is trying to show you that you have a great power dwelling within you, and you should no be afraid of your power and have confidence in yourself. But there was this one dream where I was in a little cottage in a forest, the black wolf was outside trying to get into the cottage and it spoke to me in my mind telling me to follow him into the deep forest, but as I tried to run away, it blocked my path. I wonder though, since you mentioned it, how many of us are intuitive in one way or another? PiltdownMan says:. We eventually stopped or crashed…that remains foggy, and the guy was gone. And we have nothing to discuss.

It is inherently inhuman, and if one side justifies torture, then other sides can do also, and then the international standards break down. When the journalism industry begins justifying Lies as Necessary Evil, it begins to torture the truth.

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What we have now is Truth-Torture. Since everything is battle of total good vs total bad, the media culture is Truth-can-be-tortured-into-the-necessary-lie so that the Good will prevail. Everything is a Good War against Nazism. And WWII metaphor is used for everything. There are no grey areas.

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Granted, this is less risible when politicians and ideologues talk like this since they are in it for the power. But journalists have a different duty. It understood the Soviet system was a tyranny, but it also understood that Soviets had some legit concerns as well regarding American power and presence in Europe. But over the yrs, the Jewish domination of Media, the professionalization of media whereupon the political class and journalist class come from the same people who attended the same schools and even come from same families, and conglomeration of media power in just few hands have made things incestuous between the financial class, governing class, and the fourth estate.

The Life and Death (and Life Again) of Dire Wolves

Without alternative media, there would hardly be any truth. Also, the total takeover of PC means that just about everyone in the media has only one narrative within the echo chamber. MLK must be worshiped, and blacks must always be championed no matter what they do. Oh those Deplorables!!!

In the communist system, Marx and Lenin were sacred figures with the noblest ideas, meaning everything associated with them must be propped up as holy. And the Proletariat was the heroic moral class, so everything had to be spun to make them the Good guys of history and the bourgeoisie the bad guys responsible for everything that is wrong. So, the most problematic source of lies in politics, religion, and journalism is the sacred legends and taboos. After all, not all lies are equal in a political system. Even a system as repressive and deceitful as Stalinist Russia could condemn and correct a lie if it had n bearing on the sacred truth.

Dire Wolves (Box Set)

It is when the lies and truth are related to the sacred narrative that it becomes problematic because any system prefers the lie that abets the sacred narrative over the truth that undermines it. Lies in and of themselves are not the source of the cancer. Lies are like germs that can easily be fended off by the immune system. Lies become cancerous when attached to the Legend, the sacred narrative.

All sacred narratives are potentially cancerous since no single narrative can explain all of reality and truth. All narratives favor lies that serve it and disfavor truths that oppose it. Also, there is the danger of trying to redress old lies with new ones. We see this in the Western genre. They too had a culture and a sense of honor. If lies were told in the past, then the thing is to replace them with truth, not new lies.

Favoring new lies to counter old lies is like Affirmative Fiction. As things stand now, most of MSM is filled with court scribes. So, if a fisherman pulls out a perch, he must paint it as a bass. If he pulls out a catfish, it too must be painted as a bass.. Consider Oliver Stone who prides himself in being a skeptic, truth-teller, and de-mystifier.

And Stone cannot let go of the myth of Camelot. In the end, he too prefers the legend over the fact. Surely, he knows that the real Alexander was a far darker character than some romantic hero, but he goes with the legend. As the pigmentation of the Left keeps getting darker the more politically disorganized the Left will become.

All this hysteria over a nation with no nukes and so much silence over Israel that violated all international laws and has to nukes. Lying and making up stories is a lot harder than it looks. You have to be VERY smart, meticulous and good actor to successfully lie to a bunch of cops.